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Designer Diary #2 - New Year, New Goals.

It has been a crazy start for SantPix, we started dreaming big and now closing this 2019 with even bigger dreams.

As I always say, learning is a never ending process, we have to be updated and working with the trending technologies, ideas, methods and improving our creativity by studying the market. Only this way we will be able to provide the BEST services and products.

It is competitive out there but we will not stop facing this challenge, but taking it as an opportunity to grow our strengths and improve our weaknesses. SantPix has to be more than another racing car on the track, that is why we need to keep walking towards the future with positivity and our greatest weapon - CREATIVITY.

We set our 2020 goals not just as numbers and performance but also to strengthen our relationships with our customers and emphasise creating true and lasting engagement through the good experience they have with us, SantPix will become a company where our clients and their voices speak as a powerful ad. We hope that more business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, or just people with awesome ideas will reach out to SantPix because we really CARE about them and their projects.

We have some big plans for 2020 as a company that embraces growing as a result of hard work, constant learning and investing time and efforts to make the dream come true.

We want to thank once more our awesome clients, family and friends and wish them happy holidays and success for their projects.

We turn this page looking to the next chapter with high hopes.

Happy Holidays everyone and a Great 2020!

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