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Designer Diary - Page #1: The Dreamality Logo 🕹

I have to be honest with you guys, I love video games and superheroes. So, when Chris from Dreamality contacted me for a logo design I was more than excited.

Dreamality is a YouTube Channel that reviews games, movies and brings a weekly show with news updates about the entertainment world. And let me tell you guys - he is good, very good. He is an awesome video producer and has the best technology available that supports him.

So, I was dealing with a very creative guy. There was no room for games (no pun intended) 😄.

When I started designing the logo my inspiration came from the arcade eras. Neon signs and colors, bright and retro, clean and simple.

He loved the idea of the controller as the “M” and the colors that he picked were really modern and techno. He is happy with the logo and so I am.

Thanks again to Dreamality for the opportunity, go check him out on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, if you really like video games and entertainment he is THE GUY.

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