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My Journey as a Wix Partner

What can I say about Just amazing.

In 2014 I found browsing for styles for a website I needed to build for a client in Paraguay. I wanted to use something new and learn about it because as a designer at that time, I was a little bit tired of the same: Templates with no originality, no passion, no desire. My client was picky and pushy. So the challenge was big.

I came across Wix, and what I liked about it was the style of the templates, minimalistic, modern, eye-catching. Most of all the #Editor. Drag and drop, amazing tools, rulers, grids, fonts, mobile editor, HTML5, contact forms, and apps, what not to like?

Fast forward to 2020, many websites later and after relocating to New York, I received a phone call inviting me to join the Wix Partner Program, it was just what I was looking for!

Having Wix in my corner, the team of professionals, a dedicated account manager, and direct contact with them helped me to solve difficulties, add more features to the websites I was building, new clients, and of course a nice Badge!

Being a Wix Partner means a lot to me, I represent the brand, the company, the values, the people, the technology. Such an amazing platform give me as a developer the easiest ways to accomplish my goals.

The great challenge is to keep improving, to keep pushing forward. It is a true pleasure to work with, a company that innovates, provides the best customer service, new tools, new ways to create. I believe the future of the internet and the businesses are hosting on Wix.

Thank you Wix and team!

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