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The best ways to transform casual visitors into customers.

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Let’s imagine we own a small bakery business with a functional website, very colorful, and even great reviews made by happy customers.

All of this sounds good and attractive BUT the casual visitors are clicking away from us and our cupcakes. Why? We did everything we could right? Well, there is some other things we have to be aware of.

To Do List.

* Captivate visitors through the eyes:

In less words: Be shiny, bright, stunning. Humans crave for beautiful things, do your best to be the best visually and create a desire to keep scrolling, discovering and of course, buying.

as a visitor of the bakery site I would like to see animated images and galleries, boxes with text in a modern font, all of this creates a experience we want visitors to have and STAY with us. Details are important.

* Create weekly content - even for a bakery store, talk about recipes, flavors, experiences. Add images, video blogs, interviews. Make your website a diary for you and your business, do not be too personal and at the same time be authentic.

Remember, influencers and celebrities do this no matter how famous they are, they are creating content every day and engaging with people and sponsors. Be a celebrity, write and create at least once a week. Costumers will appreciate your authenticity and in a world that is day by day less authentic, stand up!

* No pop-ups - I REPEAT NO POP-UPS!

This is crucial, don’t annoy your audience. Pretty much avoid them. Studies show a almost 100% of people hate pop-ups. If you are lucky enough to have sponsors and you sold space for them in your website, talk to your web developer and try to create visual alternatives. It can be done and believe me, it’ll be worth it.

* Be polite:

Welcome visitors nicely. Remember, a website is a branch of your business. Everybody likes a welcoming environment.

If you have a chat installed, program it to say hi and let visitors know that you are there for any questions or inquiries. Contact and newsletter forms asking just the necessary questions.

If you have an online store, say always thank you! This is basic, but believe me there are some sites that don’t care about this.

* Create discounts and campaigns.

In order to sell you must promote. Be competitive and your customers will thank you for this hiring you or buying your products.

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