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Luis Saldivar

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CEO / Founder / Head Designer




I’m Dreamality, a youtube content creator and Twitch/Mixer streamer. I’ve had my brand since late 2016 and for about a full year my logo was nothing more than “Dreamality” written in Times New Roman font. Yuck. I knew it wasn’t a good logo and told myself eventually I’d change it. The problem is I had no idea what would make a great logo. I tried reaching out to some other design companies, some freelance designers, but maybe because my channel was so small they never replied. Well SantPix did reply and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. To start, I had very little direction to give. I told them the colors I wanted and that Dreamality was a gaming brand, the rest was up to them. They bounced a couple different ideas off me till we ended with the final result. A gaming logo that is both modern and retro, simple and clean. It looks awesome. It’s still my logo 2 years later and I’m proud. I highly recommend SantPix! They’re here to help, are kind, and professional. An absolute joy to work with.

- Dreamality, Content Creator, Sreamer


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Rita Britez

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Office Manager & Finances

Cecilia Vega

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Sales Manager - Content Creator

Arnaldo Britez

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Expert Technician / Web Developer